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TUROG Technologies provides a simple platform for organizations to develop and implement thier digital transformation strategy.

Businesses can now develop data and other digital products to be used internally to drive performance, or exposed externally as additional revenue streams via monetization of thier APIs.

TUROG Technologies is fast becoming a leading digital transformation leader, having supported clients in their transformation journey by building end-to-end digital banking platforms, data powered information solution systems and automated transaction processing systems.

We have covered clients across various industries like Energy & Natural Resources, Financial Services such as Commercial Banking & Microfinance, and Agricuture sectors. Located in Lagos, Nigeria, TUROG Technologies was founded in 2020.

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ADIBA™ is a one stop Banking-as-a-Service platform that helps you spin up a digital bank with little hassle.

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Shiga™ is a marketplace for digital banks aimed and offering the best of a mix of financial services.

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Dashboard™ offers a suite of data solutions engineered to distill useful insights from your company data

DID you know?

How APIs
Can Work For You

API monetization is the process by which businesses create revenue from their application programming interfaces (APIs). Simply put, anything (services, processes, informaton and products) develop really well within your organization can be packaged and exposed via APIs. Once that is successfully done, you can build a revenue generating model around such which drives additional revenue to your business.
Pretty neat, right?

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TUROG Technologies is beyond a collection of services and product. We work wth our clients to understand and achieve thier digital transformation goals. Reach out to understand how we can help you better.

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12A Mabinuiori Dawodu Street,
Gbagada Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria

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Office Telephone : 234 012708993
Mobile : 234 8022279770

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Sales Email : sales@turog.com.ng
Inquiries : info@turog.com.ng

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Support Email : support@turog.com.ng
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